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1. Basic information:
Neotame (Neotame) the chemical name: N- [N- (3,3- dimethylbutyl) -L-α- aspartyl] -L- phenylalanine 1-methyl ester.
The product is currently relatively low prices of domestic products. Quality is more stable.
Other names: N- [N- (3,3- dimethylbutyl) -L-Α- aspartyl] -L- phenylalanine 1-methyl ester; N- [N- (3,3 - dimethylbutyl) -L-ALPHA- aspartyl] -L- phenylalanine 1-methyl ester
English name: neotame.
CAS No: 165450-17-9
CNS Number: 19.019
INS number: 961
Formula: C20H30N2O5
Molecular Weight: 378.46
Properties: white crystalline powder
Moisture: containing about 4.5% of crystal water
Melting point: 80.9-83.4 ℃
Specific rotation: -39.8 °.
Solubility: Neotame at room temperature (25 ℃) water solubility of 12.6 g / l, the solubility can fully meet the normal production needs.
Sweetness: sucrose is about 8000-12000 times, 40 times more than aspartame!
Note: Because neotame powder diameter is very small, in the process to avoid inhalation.

2. Features:
Sweet and pure, fresh and natural, with aspartame similar, but security is high;
Sweetness, is about 8,000 times that of sucrose, aspartame and other low costs than sweetness;
Contains nutrients are easily absorbed by the body;
Low energy or no energy available for human consumption with diabetes, without dental caries, can promote the proliferation of bifidobacteria and the like;
Does not cause tooth decay, blood sugar fluctuations, is the preferred sweetener health-food products.
Under acidic conditions, neotame and aspartame have approximately the same stability. At neutral PH range or transient conditions such as high temperature, neotame to Biasiba sweet much more stable, which greatly expanded its applications, such as applications in bakery products.
Neotame under normal storage conditions, dry powder with excellent stability, but stability in aqueous solution has some limitations, the effects of temperature, pH, time and other factors affected its stability, there will be some degree of drop sweetness, at room temperature at (25 ℃) stability in aqueous solution, roughly: PH3.0 half-life of 78 days; half-life of 156 days when PH4.0; PH4.5 half-time of 208 days; half-life of 150 days when PH5.0 ; PH5.5 half-life of 112 days. Best PH value of 4.5. In view of this, the use of Neotame if used in conjunction with sugar or other sweeteners, can improve its stability.

Sweet characteristic: Neotame has pure sweetness, in general, or sugar-free drinks to replace some sweetener Neotame, not only to obtain suitable sweetness and flavor of the product, Neotame more product cost reduction characteristics.
The results show that in the beverage products, Neotame can replace 25% of nutritive sweeteners or high intensity sweeteners, can maintain the organoleptic properties similar.
Neotame has pure and sweet as sucrose, but there is rain, after neotame sweetness. Rely on intuition (tongue feel) assessment.

Stability: Neotame in the dry state, has excellent stability in powdered finished product. Under humidity conditions, the stability of neotame and PH value, temperature and time dependent. Neotame is suitable for batch production, the concentration of high temperature short time (HTST) sterilization and aseptic operation, the resulting final product Neotame has hardly changed.

Flavor extended: in certain applications and flavor systems, neotame can significantly extend and enhance the product's taste and aroma. Neotame In practical application process, because of amendments and certain characteristics of flavor, fragrance system requirements of the product and re-adjust the amount or kind of sour agents. In the beverage powder, add Neotame can reduce the amount of at least 20% citric acid, and will not affect the product's acidity.

Security: a large number of studies suggest that neotame is suitable for all people, including children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and patients with diabetes, including. Neotame is no need to use special show for PKU patients. Neotame can quickly metabolism in the body. The main metabolic pathways by enzymes produced by the body to make methyl ester hydrolysis, the last generation skimmed Zealand sweet and methanol. Compared to ordinary foods if the amount of methanol juice, vegetables, and vegetable juices, neotame the decomposed minimal. For example, methanol content than tomato juice drinks containing Neotame 200 times. Neotame can be completely out of the body with the urine and feces, do not accumulate in the human body.

3 Quality Standard
⒈ Content: 97.0-102.0%
⒉ free dipeptide acid: ≤1.5%
⒊ other related substances: ≤2.0%
⒋ Lead: ≤20ppm
⒌ Moisture: ≤5%
⒍ Residue on ignition: ≤0.2%
⒎ Specific rotation: -40.0 ° ~ + 43.4 °



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